DESIGN for everyone

Good design isn’t about impressing your neighbours, but about making spaces that are practical, durable, flexible and a joy to be in. Homes are our sanctuaries. They should be easy to navigate, comfortable and fun – a backdrop to home life and family memories.

Sustainable design sits at the core of all Vicki’s architecture. This means orienting houses right, allowing for breezes to flow through space, considering the impact of material choices over time, and planning for appropriate technology to capture water on site and harness solar energy.

Vicki designs with an eye to keeping building programs and ongoing house maintenance costs as low as possible. Her design uses building materials sparingly and aims to reduce the amount of energy required to heat, cool and maintain buildings. This drives down costs and increases a building’s sustainability credentials.

Creek House, Vicki’s family home, is an example of the above. Despite its modest footprint and sensible budget, the small house on a small site by the Merri Creek feels open, light, sunny and surprisingly spacious. A place where people want to be.

The world is changing, and people’s design needs are too. Maybe you want to put a studio out the back of an existing house? Perhaps you want to subdivide an existing block between your friends? Maybe you’re building your first family home, scaling back as the kids move on, or just looking to update your spaces? Country or city, large or small – Vicki would love to work with you.